ESUT18 partners with IEA: A new paradigm for Section Meetings?

27 March 2018

Bernardo Rocco

When the EAU Section of Uro-Technology (ESUT) convenes for its regular section meeting this spring in Modena, it will team up with the Italian Endourologic Association (IEA). “The IEA is the second most important urological society in Italy,” Associate Prof. Bernardo Rocco (Modena, IT) explained. “The society has a long history of putting on live surgery events, and I think this is a common aim with ESUT.”

The IEA is chaired by Prof. Giampaolo Bianchi (Modena, IT), who is also Director of the Urological Department of the University of Modena and Meeting President of ESUT18-IEA.

Rocco: “If I’m not mistaken, this marks the first time that ESUT enters the dynamic of a national society. This is a new way to promote the activities of ESUT and reach more endourologists than ever.”

Last year, the IEA welcomed over 500 delegates in Padua. ESUT16 in Athens, chaired by Prof. Evangelos Liatsikos attracted close to 600 participants. Rocco: “Last year, we had several live cases at the IEA meeting, but this year the combined meeting is going to be outstanding and we are happy to have it in Modena. It will host live broadcasts, all of the local hotels are booked- the town is fully involved in our meeting. Profs. Bianchi and Liatsikos are preparing something great!”


“At ESUT18-IEA, we will focus on technology in the broadest sense,” Rocco explained. “Novelty in imaging, 3D reconstructions, and so on.” Prof. Bianchi will be performing a robot-assisted radical prostatectomy on a PrECE nomogram with in-vivo and ex-vivo confocal control, a technique that was developed by the team in Modena is particularly proud of.

“This year is going to feature an interesting demonstration,” Rocco explains, “Precision surgery of prostate cancer, following the development of special predictive models, integrated with MRI and with new way of using the confocal microscope.”

As a uro-technology meeting, ESUT18-IEA will feature demonstrations of the latest imaging technologies next to developments in endourology and laparoscopic technique. Apart from the faculty in Modena, visitors will be treated to live broadcasts of procedures being performed in Korea, China, Brazil and India.

Best way to learn about technology

The scientific programme mainly consists of Live Surgery, or as-live case discussions. Prof. Rocco agrees that this is the best way to demonstrate new technology.

“As we saw at our session at EAU18 in Copenhagen, people want to see surgery. The session room was packed, because urologist want to see in real time how experts deal with unexpected situations. Pre-recorded procedures, on the other hand, are useful from an educational point of view. It allows the speaker to show a standardized way of doing things.”

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