Leipzig to be the center of uro-technology meeting coming January

13 June 2019


By Dr. Jan Klein (Ulm, DE)

Organized in conjunction with the German working groups of Endourology, Laparoscopy and Robotics, Leipzig will host more than 700 uro-technology experts from 23-24 January 2020. The biannual ESUT Meeting is a growing event, focussing on live surgeries including broadcasts from across the globe and on pre-recorded cases; so-called semi-live surgeries.

The great advantage of this meeting is that variations of surgical techniques are shown simultaneously on three screens highlighting the surgeons’ tips and tricks of each specific procedure. Two screens will cover the live transmission from Leipzig University Hospital, and  the third screen will show a transglobal transmission. Since modern transmission technology allows to broadcast surgeries from far away, ORs from all over the world have the opportunity to join the meeting.

The scientific programme is continuously evolving and the surgeries shown will include live transmissions from several continents. The full list will be announced in the coming months.

Building on experience

Already the 7th Meeting of the EAU Section of Uro-Technology, the meeting builds on long-term experience in organizing live surgery events like the traditional full live surgery day at the Annual EAU congress. This experience is on display in a programme that demonstrates up-to-date surgery at its best. Two full days of surgery, from morning to evening, are scheduled to guarantee enough time to display every detail of the technique shown.

The main goal of the meeting is to show variations of a specific surgical procedure so that the participants can later choose which technique is to be used and in which patient this achieves the best possible result. Having moderated live surgery is traditionally seen as hugely educational for the audience.

Newest technologies and trends in endoscopic, laparoscopic and robotic surgery will be the main focus of the programme as is traditionally the case during every ESUT Event.

New: collaborative meeting

The cooperation between the ESUT and the German working groups reflects another long tradition: fruitful collaboration. Leipzig is hosting this event for the first time. ESUT Chairman Prof. Evangelos Liatsikos and Prof. Jens-Uwe Stolzenburg, Chairman of the Urology Department of the Leipzig University Clinic are the main actors in this great event. Together with the working groups, these two well-known surgical experts will be composing a programme of superlatives including the new rising generation of robot machines.

The aim of this meeting is to supply all urologists with the newest surgical kits around and to show the younger generations of urologists what are new achievements and technical gadgets that make urological surgery so extraordinary. Since the past two meetings were well accepted by the attendants and the surgeons, we can establish the existence of a growing interest in acquiring  surgical techniques via live surgery.

The ESUT group as well as the German working groups will work hard to support this meeting to the highest level live surgery event in Europe and across the globe. Don’t miss it. The programme is regularly updated, so stay tuned for this unique surgical show.