General Information

Bank and exchange

The currency in Germany is the Euro (€).

Certificate of Attendance

A Certificate of Attendance for ESUT20 will be available to print here as of 27 January 2020. Before obtaining your Certificate of Attendance, you will be requested to enter the number under the barcode on your badge to log in (type the number without the *) as well as complete the evaluation questionnaire. It is therefore important to retain the delegate badge for this purpose.

Cloakroom / Luggage

A cloakroom is available and is at participants’ disposal during congress hours. Please be sure to collect all personal belongings at the end of the day.

CME Accreditation

Information on CME accreditation will follow in due time.

Disclosure links to Industry

It is requested that all faculty disclose to the audience any links with the industry related to the topic of their lecture at the beginning of their presentation(s). A link can be: being a member of the advisory board or having a consulting agreement with a specific company.

EAU Policy on Live Surgery

The EAU established an official policy on Live Surgery Events, offering organising centres a clear framework within which to plan and perform live surgeries. It outlines a set of guidelines in which the overriding principle is that patient safety must take priority over all other considerations in the conduct of live surgery.


In Germany, the standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. You can use your electric appliances in Germany if the standard voltage in your country is in between 220 – 240 V. In Germany the power plugs and sockets are of type F. Plugs have two round pins. A plug adaptor or voltage converter will be required if incompatible electronic devices are used. You can also consider a combined power plug adapter/voltage converter.

Emergency Information

In case of emergency call the nationwide emergency number 112.

ESUT20 App

Optimise your experience at any EAU meeting via the handy EAU Events app. No lugging around printed materials nor painstakingly search for the info you need. Go digital and download this eco-friendly alternative!

You can easily browse through scientific programmes with its user-friendly interface. Filter your search by day, session type, and speaker. You can even create your own personal programme thanks to the personal planner feature!

The app doesn’t necessarily require internet access. You can use the app offline but please note that some features will only be updated when you’re online e.g. news, tweets, etc.

Discover the app’s many handy features. Simply download this must-have app and select the EAU event you’re going to attend.

Download the EAU Events app for free in your app Store or Play Store.


A technical exhibition will be organised jointly with the congress. For more information please contact the Sales Department:


The organisers do not accept responsibility for any personal damage. Participants are strongly recommended to arrange their own personal insurance.


All presentations during the meeting will be conducted in English.

Lost and Found

Found items should be returned to the registration desk. If you lose something, please report to this desk for assistance.

Mobile Phones  

The sound and camera flash of mobile phones must be switched off during all sessions.


More information on registrations can be found here.

Social Media

We are using social media at the congress to encourage an open discussion on urology science and experiences at the congress. ESUT congress speakers, opinion leaders, delegates and media share their ideas, commentary and photos on Facebook and Twitter. We invite you to use the following hashtag #ESUT20 and #livesurgery on Twitter or follow the page of the ESUT on Facebook to discuss the Congress, and join the conversation!